Visions in Velvet -  Hand Embossed Velvet Products Made in Vermont
Below Are Each of Our 21 Colors and Many, Many Possible Designs
Remember: Any Design Can Be Done On Any Color!
(Hold your cursor over each picture to see the color and design name. Keep in mind that it's REALLY difficult to get the true color to come through in a photo!)
White with SnowflakesIvory with SnowflakesCitron with Puff CloudApricot with Leaves
Apricot with LeavesRuby Red with HollyRed / Green Cross DyeWine with Cats
Wine with CatsWine with HeartsMystique with FlowersMystique with Butterflies
Mystique with Christmas BallAmerican Beauty Pink with DragonfliesAmerican Beauty Pink with PolkadotsRed / Blue Cross Dye with Dog
Cardinal with Moons, Trees, StarsCardinal with Moons, Trees, StarsCardinal with Moons, Trees, StarsDeep Purple with Swirls
Deep Purple with StarsPrune with Music NotesLavender / Silver Cross Dye with StarRoyal Blue with Dogs
Royal Blue with DogsRoyal Blue with PaisleyRoyal Bue with SnowflakesNavy Blue with Feathers
Adriatic Blue with BirdsAdriatic with ReindeerBlue / Green Cross Dye with ModblocksSpruce Green with Olive Dots
Emerald Green with Evergreen BranchOlive Green with CheckerboardCobblestone with Mod BlocksTaupe with Leaves
Taupe with LeavesSienna with SwirlsSienna with SwirlsChocolate with Pop
Smokey Gray with SplatBlack with Jack
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