Visions in Velvet -  Hand Embossed Velvet Products Made in Vermont
Hand Embossed Velvet Scarves
Hand Embossed Velvet Scarves
The process for embossing velvet involves specialized stamps and heat. The result is a rich, luxurious product with eye-catching images.
About Us
From the Owner,
Tausha Sylver
I started working with velvet about ten years ago because it’s a fabric I’ve never been able to resist – it’s so luxurious, it’s just impossible to not want to feel it once you see it! In fact, the number one initial comment I hear when people stop by my booth at a show is “I just want to touch them all!”  And of course, I tell them to go right ahead, because that’s half the fun of owning velvet -- it's meant to be touched!  I particularly love the look of embossed velvet because of the stark contrast you see between the image and the untouched velvet – it’s all the same piece of fabric but such different looks.  And when the light catches it just right, it’s a pretty magical sight. 
The embossing is achieved by using heat and rubber or polymer stamps – it’s a very interesting technique which takes a lot of patience (and trial and error!).  I like to explore with many different designs, from cats and dogs to checkerboards – sometimes it’s the wildest ideas that work the best!  Each piece is unique because it is individually hand-embossed and sewn.  I currently produce scarves, pillows and holiday stockings in 21 different colors – a little something for everyone!  The scarves are particularly warm and cozy, especially on those cold New England days! I am constantly developing my technique and designs and look forward to growing in my craft over the next few years.  It’s my creative outlet which allows me to rejuvenate in the midst of “real” life!
Feel free to contact us for special orders -- we'll do our best to match your vision!
Stores / Venues where you can find Visions In Velvets products:
Waitsfield, Vermont
Bristol, Vermont
Jericho, Vermont
Grand Isle, Vermont
Quechee Gorge Village, Vermont
Derby, Vermont
Stowe, Vermont
Rutland, Vermont

Williston, Vermont
Craft shows where you can find us in 2015:
No shows this year

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